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Keynote: Navigating the New Virtual Workplace with Cyril Belikoff

Over the past few months, organizations are turning to remote work in record numbers. As the Modern Workplace lead for Microsoft US, Cyril Belikoff spends a lot of time speaking with business leaders about their digital & cultural transformation. During this session, Cyril will provide insights into how organizations are leveraging technology during these uncertain times to ensure business continuity and give their employees new ways to connect in the virtual workplace. He will share insights on how Microsoft itself is navigating this new reality, how leaders stay connected to their employees and the importance of culture.

Cyril Belikoff (Microsoft)

Accelerating Transformation From Firstline to Back Office

FedEx has undergone a major Office 365 transformation having moved more than 261,000 users to the platform. Hear from FedEx Manager of IT Enterprise Communications and Collaborations Technologies, Jes Flesh, on how the team prepared the organization for digital transformation, kept the migration on track, captured quick wins across firstline use cases, and is currently supporting collaboration across 220 different countries.

Jessica Flesch (FedEx)

Beyond Challenging: Proactive Data Strategies in Unprecedented Times of Change

With the outbreak of the COVID-19 global pandemic, organizations across the globe were confronted with multiple challenges all at the same time – how to stay connected, provide data and technical capabilities – all while ensuring the security of their information as well as responsible data practices. While the initial crisis required one set of skills, the evolution of requirements as enterprises begin to pivot from crisis management to the next wave of innovation requires the balancing of innovation with best practices in data management, governance, privacy and security. Mastercard’s Chief Data Officer, JoAnn Stonier, has taken a proactive strategic approach to solving data challenges in an evolving COVID landscape and will speak to the importance of having responsible data practices that enable business innovation.

JoAnn Stonier (Mastercard), Dana Simberkoff (AvePoint)

Less Code More Power: How PowerApps Enabled Heathrow Airport

The ability to digitize organizational processes is paramount to increased efficiency. How can you exploit Microsoft PowerApps to achieve this effectively? Don't miss this session and learn how Heathrow Airport streamlined business processes that led to more than $792K in savings in the first year of leveraging PowerApps. In addition, learn tips and tricks for citizen development and democratizing PowerApps across your workforce and identifying optimal workloads for automation.

Samit Saini (London Heathrow Airport), Hunter Willis (AvePoint)

Recipe for Cloud Success: End User Productivity + Information Governance

So you’ve made the leap to Office 365 – now you need to ensure you’re striking the right balance between collaboration and control while setting your agency up for sustained long-term adoption of Office 365 and Microsoft Teams. The City of Seattle made it easy for their end users to do the right thing by implementing a multi-level training and awareness campaign. Combine that with the right Information Governance strategy and you have the recipe for cloud success.

Dan Lewis (City of Seattle), Jay Leask (AvePoint Public Sector)

Accelerating Internal Comms: Modern Intranet Best Practices For the Modern Workplace

Some say that there is no need for an intranet given the plethora of communication options available in Office 365. We’ll argue they are wrong. Wells Fargo Digital Experience Consultant, Christy Punch, has been leading internal communications and the central intranet portal for the global company. Hear the insights she derived from their latest intranet rollout, which included a year-long user research and prototype project. AvePoint Senior Vice President of Client Services, Timothy Boettcher, will demonstrate the latest SharePoint innovations and best practices for creating and rolling out a modern intranet.

Christy Punch (Wells Fargo), Timothy Boettcher (AvePoint)

Stop, Stop, Go: Handling Sensitive Information in Microsoft Teams Without Disrupting Collaboration

Handling sensitive information is an everyday occurrence for regulated organizations. Fortunately, Office 365 has powerful tools to ensure the security and compliance of PII and all types of sensitive information. The trick is to configure your tenant to lock down the workspaces that need extra attention without impacting the productivity of other departments, agencies or divisions that leverage more lenient settings. Learn how the State of Indiana is thinking through these issues and effectively handling PII and Federal Tax Information (FTI).

Vanessa Williams (Indiana Office of Technology), Miknon Go (AvePoint)

How to Drive Sustainable Microsoft Teams Adoption in US Public Sector Agencies

With built-in integration with the full Office 365 stack, it is easier than ever for end-users to create a team and start collaborating. But if that’s the case, why is your organization’s user adoption rate for Microsoft Teams so much lower than it is for Outlook? To make the most of your Office 365 investment, it is critical that your colleagues take advantage of Microsoft Teams’ full capabilities to address their day-to-day needs. The key to drive excitement, organizational buy-in and adoption is being able to provide relevant, contextual applications that drive consistent, sustainable usage. Join this session and learn what it takes to roll out Microsoft Teams for US public sector agencies in the Office 365 GCC and how this effort has led to a significant reduction in emails and greatly improved collaboration.

Jeremy Wood (Millennium Challenge Corporation), Roxy Ndebumadu (Microsoft)

How to Maximize Data Retention Capabilities in Office 365

Office 365 has a plethora of tools and features to ensure your data is protected and retained in compliance with internal service level agreements (SLAs) and external regulations. Join this session to learn how to best configure Office 365 to support your retention needs and extend native capabilities for advanced regulatory and/or compliance requirements.

Kevin Ryan (daa), Tony Redmond (Redmond & Associates), John Peluso (AvePoint)

Ensure Collaboration Success: Best Practices For Delivering Office 365 as a Service

As organizations adopt Office 365 as their de facto modern workplace platform, how can you best deliver this service to ensure collaboration success? Join this interactive session and learn how Deloitte manages the pace of change, creates accountability through charge-back models, and best practices for overseeing a large, advanced deployment of Office 365 within your organization.

Rob Foster (Deloitte), Dux Raymond Sy (AvePoint)
Endnote: Ensuring Business Continuity with Microsoft 365 Jeff Teper (Microsoft)

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